Shooting beautiful cam girl Tyna was a pleasure

Sometimes, it’s not about the big tits and a round ass, it’s about the charm that a girl has. That is the beauty of the live cam platform, you can type in almost anything in the search field, and out comes the slew of girls that match your desires. You can do that with regular porn as well, but live cam girls are better in the sense that you get to interact with them. I have always been a sucker for cute girls with average bodies and a nice smile.

She is one of the hottest photo models I have seen on live cam, and to cover my words I will provide nice pictures so you won’t call my words phony. See yourself:

pic 1

Now, not to say that Tyna is not hot at all. On the contrary, she is hot as hell itself, but she’s not disproportionate with huge fake breasts and a big ass. She is slender and fit, with nice tits and a cute tight ass, looking natural is the key for girls to become successful in cam modelling. The thing that turns me on about live cam girls is the fact that I can see myself realistically ending up with one very fast, it just proves that on live cams like in real life – beauty always wins, so do beautiful webcam girls.

Ok, tits are great for the show and don’t get me wrong, I love big tits, but I love small ones too. In fact, I love all sorts of tits. But I don’t like huge asses and I especially don’t like bitchy personalities that usually accompany asses like that.

Kisses from live cam session with Tyna

air kiss

This is why I like Tyna so much. She is quiet, with an amazing personality and the most beautiful smile. And she is wicked smart. This 25-year-old cutie will blow your mind even before you get into the private chat with her. The thing is, while most of the people claim they like filthy whores and nasty stuff, it’s girls like Tyna that actually are the most desirable.

Don’t believe me? Ask the thousands of people who rated Tyna with 5 stars. When it comes to the quality of the live show she puts on, there is no question about it. It is simply amazing. She does whatever you ask of her and she has the most amazing sense of how close you are to the finish line. She is a cutie, but if needed, she can turn into a nasty slut in an instant. And her long hair is easily one of the most sensual things about her. She knows how to use it which to you it may sound silly, but if you never experienced something like that, you really should. Believe me, I was one of the thousands of people who gave Tyna a 5-star feedback rating.