For me photos are better than videos

Today I caught myself thinking what is better to read books or to watch movies and interesting things started to flow to my head. Well let’s start about how our brain works, we are visual creatures as men and we love to be straight and to the point, but if you read a book instead of watching a movie you will understand that it gives way more space for your imagination to kick in and paint the picture in your brain the way you want to see. Now as for seeing girl in photo against webcam girl videos the same principle applies, let me explain you why below.

By looking at a photo of hot girl you start to imagine right away her in real life standing in front of you and flirting and you imagine how you make love with her and so on. This helps to know yourself and what you like to experience and it won’t leave you frustrated during interaction with girls on your photo shoots, of course videos are also good but there is much less space for imagination in that, as you see the directed show of the girl and as we are visual creatures this may be enough, but for me I like to use my imagination of what is sexy to me.

hot girl

That is why I prefer photos instead of videos anytime I have to choose between these two and I recommend to try that, you can do that by finding a photo of girl you find appealing to you online, just like the one we have here (she is very beautiful to me) and stare at her for a couple of minutes and see what your brain tells you, I bet your naughty fantasies will go out and you will know by your instinct what you like about her, and later on go to any tube site and find solo girl video where she looks sexy, now this is important the video must be where girl is alone in her film and no other person is there, I mean not a sex scene. Now compare these two episodes and what you felt while watching them.

Of course every person is different but I prefer photos, period.

However if you like the other way than it’s important to keep in mind the quality of video you are going to watch, the same applies to photos and the logic is simple – the better resolution you get to see the better experience you get, also this applies to the screen size you are using to watch content. Modern screens are larger than 1020×800 pixels so do photos and videos should to get the best out of it. If you are watching videos you should only search for the ones with large resolution, and in case of videos this is even more important as if you choose a lower resolution video you will see a blurry picture and it will ruin your experience. Here we are facing the problem as high definition quality is rare to find for free and most of the video tubes are not offering HD clips at all, at least in a free stream, you have option to get a premium membership or go look for rare cases where teasers are open for everyone to check out. The message I want to send you with this information is that you should always pay attention to what kind of quality video or photo you are seeing and don’t judge the model just because of poor quality of the picture, instead you should google it and try to find better resolution images and if it’s a video – better FPS(frames per second) and look for signs of HD content in your query on any major tube out there, I know that Vimeo is good at quality and they give top priority on content by resolution and even have some in 4k.