How to take beautiful photos of girls

beautiful girl

Girls, whose life is not connected with continuous shootings, are lost on photo shoots. The skilled photographer himself prompts models as it should turn and how to hold hands. To beginners we recommend to use our crib: in it the main advantageous poses for girls are collected.

How to rise, sit down, lay down how to turn the head? Are sure that our selection will help you to carry out perfectly and a photo shoot and to receive worthy result which will suit both model, and the photographer.

  1. Let’s start, a simple pose for a portrait. The model has to look through a shoulder. Pay attention, what unusual interesting portrait can turn out if to photograph the girl in the same pose, but under another aspect.
  2. On a hand portrait are, as a rule, not visible, at least, they do not dominate. You can create the interesting photo, having asked model to play with various positions of hands at the person.
  3. You, perhaps, are familiar with the rule of thirds. The similar result can be reached by use of diagonals. Also remember that it is optional to you to hold a chamber all the time directly, having inclined it, you can receive a new, interesting foreshortening.
  4. The lovely photo will turn out if the model sits, having shifted knees. It is better to photograph a little from above.
  5. A sincere and attractive pose when the model lies on the earth. Fall by the earth nearby and photograph from this level.
  6. One of variations of the previous pose — model lies on a stomach, leaning hands on the earth. Very fine looks if the picture is taken in the field, among meadow flowers.
  7. Surprisingly simple, but absolutely tremendous and advantageous pose — model lies on a back. Do pictures from earth level, moving round model. Ask it to change sometimes a look, position of the head and hands.
  8. One more simple pose which perfectly will be suitable for girls with any type of a figure. Ask model to change provisions of hands and feet, be focused in the eyes.
  9. Playful and lovely pose. Perfectly looks if the model lies practically on any surface: bed, grass, sandy beach. Remove at a small angle, having focused in the eyes.
  10. Proud and simple pose. The model sits on the earth. The pose emphasizes a bearing and a thin profile.
  11. The model sits on the earth. This pose sincere and open. Try to photograph under different corners.
  12. A magnificent pose to show beauty of a constitution of model. Perfectly looks if the silhouette is allocated on a bright background.
  13. Easy pose. Ask model to experiment with position of hands, turns and inclinations.
  14. Elegant pose. The model costs a semi-side, hands — in hip-pockets of trousers.
  15. A seductive pose when the model costs slightly having bent. Such pose allows is thin to emphasize model forms.
  16. Sensual pose. Well will approach, if at model the tightened, graceful figure. Hands over the head in addition extend a figure that allows to show a relief.
  17. At photography of model to the utmost perhaps huge number of variations. The pose on an illustration — is only a starting point for a set of experiments. Ask model to change position of a body, hands, the heads and an eye.
  18. Relaxed pose: the model leans on a wall. It can lean one foot or hands. Try some options.
  19. The principles of such pictures are to the utmost simple: the body has to be bent in the form of a letter S, hands are relaxed, and body weight is postponed for one foot. On such photos well there are girls with the tightened figure.
  20. An attractive pose for girls with a sports figure. Experiment and find version of the provision of a body in which the relief will look most attractively.
  21. Romantic and gentle pose. By means of draperies from fabric it is possible to take very sensual pictures.

These are the main poses which look always well. Remember that on illustrations only starting points. Each of these poses has a set of variations. Ask model to change position of hands, the heads, bodies, a look. Observe and look for the most advantageous foreshortening for each girl. Remove under different corners and with different illumination. Create, and your photos will turn out unique.