We are a club of webcam photographers, that means we are going to all live webcam chat rooms and take screen photos of hottest webcam girls in them.


We have a passion for that and we love to do it couple of times a week, of course we would love to publish more naked photos here but as we don’t want to cross the line and become a hardcore site, we only offer softcore pics of these girls here and we think that you will love them all.

Our Team

Two friends who met in a bar and we both are photographers, our hobby is to take photos of girls in their chat room while they dance here and also to lurk in chats waiting for girls to take without clothes.

We also love to interact with models and we find them very interesting and amazing people, these females are hottest we see at that moment in the sites we are hunting for photos.
Our intent in this blog is to show you the hotness of cam chatters out there and of course we are in love with our passion and creating a nice set of photographic archives of these horny girls.
So check out our site and enjoy our photos!